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Tiki Totem LbNA #44246

Plant date:Oct 23, 2008
Planted by:Stampers Contact Inactive
Found by: Gremlands
Last found:Aug 7, 2009
Last edited:Oct 23, 2008
There is an historic house centered in Ukiah built in 1911. This craftsman style redwood building incorporates north western Indian designs in its architecture. Designed by Mr. George Wilcox and its owners who were both recognized authorities on mostly the Pomo Indians, each in a significant different field, one an artist and the other an ethnologist. Find the park, museum redwood house. Enter the dedicated drive; make the circle and come back to park your vehicle next to the curb to the south edge of the house and behind the bird bath. Begin your walk north on the old brick. You will walk past the rock benches, the front porch, as you continue walking you will pass the house chimney and finally reach the Tiki Totem pole. Notice the first clue, the frog looks down. Walk further to find three bells. Read the metal plaque by the redwood tree. Look at the redwood house made from the very same kind of tree. Walk towards the green screen door, turn to your left and continue to the start of the cement path. You now should be facing a tree, choose to take the right path. As you walk further you should check to see a well or cooking station. While here look for a cement wheel. Sit on the wheel under the vines of the wisteria heels touching take 7 to 11 steps to the fig tree depending upon your age and or height. Look for a red rock where you may find the Tiki Totem letterbox.
Please take care not to flatten the vines and replace the letterbox carefully and cover well. Good Luck