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(Homeless) Brown Cow LbNA #43532

Plant date:Sep 21, 2008
Location: Dunham's Brook Conservation Area
Planted by:beachcombers Contact Inactive
Found by: FelixPezGirl
Last found:Jun 11, 2024
Last edited:Nov 28, 2015
Thanks to Peggy and Steve at the Westport Conservation Land Trust, The Homeless Brown Cow - now has a permanant home!!! Directions to find her...

From the parking area at Dunham's Brook Conservation Area in Wesport, MA follow the grassy path into the woods.

Follow straight until you take a short climb where it appears you have to take a left or right. If you look diagonally across the path and to your right you will find a path going up over the end of a rock wall. Take this path. Beware, there is Poison Ivy in this area.

You will pass, on your left, an old rock structure and can see ahead of you a farm road. When you reach the road, go right.

Follow the road with the field on your left. At the bend in the road stay tightly to the right keeping a field (corn) on your left now and the wood line (and rock wall) on your right.

Following south and turning east at the far corner of the corn field you will find a path back into the woods will shortly appear on your right.

Take this path, noticing immediately the large old multi Pine tree. 9 steps or so after the Pine and standing with a knotty tree beside you, look left to see a large Oak with a square rock at its base. Brown Cow is under sticks and leaves between the Oak and the square rock.

After stamping in go back to the path and continue on in a southerly direction until you come to an intersection with a left or right choice. Choose right. Very soon on the left will be the the short hill you came up from on the original path. Take the left and straight back to the parking lot. Hope you enjoy this trip. We did!

Thanks to The Westport Conservation Land Trust for all their hard work!