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Froggy: One Too Many LbNA #43285

Owner:DS Contact
Plant date:Sep 7, 2008
Found by: Dana Henderson
Last found:Oct 25, 2015
Last edited:Oct 25, 2015
MakE your way to thE park close to Millington, tn. follow the signs towArd the Nature center. juSt before tHE turn to the nature center, see the (pioneer springs) traiLhead sign on the right. Before You turn to the nature center, Find the small parking lot On the same side as the tRailhEad. STart out on the trail. ShorTly you come to A parT of thE trail that has wooden stePs embedded in the dirt. AfteR going down these steps, looK to your right. walk the 20 or so steps to the big tree uphill on your right. the box is in the roots of this big tree, on the uphill side.