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Chavez Ruins LbNA #43135

Plant date:Aug 22, 2008
Location: Forest Service Road 69B
Planted by:LV Hiker62
Found by: firebear
Last found:Sep 17, 2010
Last edited:Aug 22, 2008
This is near the chavez pass ruins. The remains of a hopi indian village. From Clints Well, go east on 87 for 10 miles. Take a left on National Forest Rd 211. (NR211) Go 3 miles and turn right (north) on NR82. Go approx 12 miles to NR69b. Then turn right. Go east for approx 5 miles till you reach the chavez pass junction. There is a sign marking the ruins and a place to park. As you read the sign, do an "about face" and go directly across the road (60 steps).

It is under some bark under the tree directly opposite the historical sign. Be sure to check out the ruins. We went right after a rain and alot of pottery had been exposed. There is a rock wall at the top of the hill. Look down into th ejunction area below. It is said that indians ambushed settlers and stages there. Alot of history in teh area. Popular with ATVs. We actually took a trickier route to get there in my H2. Not knowing that there was a good road. I would not recommend it unless you have an ATV or are an experienced 4 wheeler. Email for those directions if you want.