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Nancy Drew and the Curse of the Pharaoh’s Sphinx LbNA #42652

Plant date:Aug 10, 2008
Planted by:Captain Slick Kitty Contact Inactive
Found by: shirokuma (12)
Last found:Aug 17, 2010
Last edited:Aug 10, 2008
Nancy Drew and the Curse of the Pharaoh’s Sphinx

You are Nancy Drew, the super cool sleuth. You have been invited to spend the summer excavating the Tomb of Pharaoh Khufu by your friend Amisi Ramese, the daughter of the famous Professor Ramese of Cairo, Egypt.

Day 1: After a long international flight, a four hour tugboat cruise along the Nile and an hour’s camel ride, I finally made it to the site! Whew, it’s hot! Amisi seems very happy to see me, though I detect some hesitancy in her. She introduced me to the crew. It was break time.

Professor Hans: a German archeologist, who was feeding Lady Margret’s dog cookies. He was reading Huck Finn and drinking his favorite coffee.

Lady Margret: a British lady who is funding this excavation. While she was admiring herself in the mirror, with one hand, she was slipping on some tea, with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in her other hand.

Senora Slick Kitty: an American museum curator, who was reading the novel Gone with the Wind, slipping Dr. Pepper. Clearly a clever girl.

Miguel: an Italian cook, sipping on a cappuccino, looking for his spoon and his cookbook.

After meeting the crew, Amisi and I sat down for some good old fashion girl talk. “What a great summer this is going to be!”

Amisi frowned and looked at me. “Oh, Nancy!” she cried. “It’s not going well. They say that the Sphinx is cursed and the ghost of the old pharaoh has come back to sabotage the excavation! We’ve already have two fires, helpers running off daily, our water turning to sand, and our tools are coming up missing!”

“Sounds like we have a mystery on our hands!”

Amisi then offered me my choice of tents. I can take the one closest to the Sphinx or the tent closest to the Pyramids.

From HWY 36, on the east side of Westwood, take A-21 towards the Hwy 44 for 3 miles. Before you drive over the railroad tracks, turn right, heading towards the Bizz Johnson Trail. Turn left into parking area just after you see the Rail Road sign for Mason Station. Park near kiosk. The Bizz trail starts near the kiosk.

Cruise along trail until you come along Marker #1 and stop.

Decision #1
Marker #1 Walk up the trail for until you come upon a wide-very short tree stump that was clearly cut, on your right hand side.

Tent by Sphinx: Face stump, see little tree growing? Just behind is a groups of 3 trees. Take 28 steps towards middle tree. On opposite side of most northern tree, buried under rocks lies your decision.

Tent by Pyramids: With back to stump, see fallen log, approximately 27 long-leg Nancy Drew. On the south end of this fallen log lies your decision.

Day 3: After another hard day excavating, I am almost ready for bed. Things seemed to be going okay, so far. I am having a great time excavating~

Nancy’s writing is interrupted by the sounds of a woman screaming. It’s Lady Margret! You rush out of the tent and into Amisi. She explains that the ghost of the old Pharaoh has kidnapped Lady Margret. She hands you a flashlight and asks “Do you want to check out Lady Margret’s tent or excavation sight where the ghost supposedly took off with her?”

Decision #2,
Marker #2, Walk up trail, and you'll come upon two signs Bizz Johnson Trail and Mason. Stand between them, facing R & R tracks.

Check Lady Margret’s Tent: Spy telephone pole? Just north are "two" hills of rocks. On the top of the southern "hill", under at R & R tie is your decision.

Check Excavation Sight: Spy concrete pile? Go to it and check out the rocks on the opposite side. There under rocks, is your decision.

Day 5: Things sure have quieted down around here. Most of the excavating crew has left. But Professors Ramese and Hans, along with Amisi, Senora Slick Kitty and Miguel champion on!

Day 7: What news! We have discovered the south entrance to the Tomb of Pharaoh Khufu and what great artifacts we have discovered!

Artifact #1 Egyptian Slick Kitty : Walk up the trail, in a northernly direction. You will come upon a trail on the left hand side. This trail takes you down to an area of stumps. There is a small manazanita tree growning in the middle of these stumps. Just north, a foot, under bark, in the middle of more stumps, lies Egyptian Slick Kitty.

Artifact #2 Guard: Just opposite of this trail is a smaller trail on the right. (This trail curves southernly.) Spy north-easternly a thin fallen log. Take this trail down to this fallen log that lies west to east. Just to the right of the first standing tree next to it (kinda near middle), under rocks, is The Guard.

Artifact #3 Falcon: Continue walking trail. After passing the second Douglas Fir (both are on your right hand side) you will come upon a fallen log. To your left is a pile of R & R ties. Face this pile. Go down and around the manzanita tree (bush) on your right. Under the ties and the bush, behind a gray smooth rock is Falcon.

Day 8: I was woken up by the sound of Amisi rushing into my tent.

“Father and the artifacts are gone!”

I knew then that it was time to take matters into my own sleuthing. I grabbed my book of deciphering hieroglyphics and head for the Sphinx it’s self.

Upon entering the tomb, we came across a riddle.

Riddle Puzzle Box: Continue up the trail. Stop about a 100 yards from the white sign on right hand side. On the right of the trail, you should see 3 white rocks in a line. Stop in front and spy the rocks and tunnel entrance that runs under the trail just north of these white rocks. Go the entrance of the tunnel and face it. On you right hand side, under the most northern pile of rocks is the Riddle Box.

Below the riddle is two protruding stones. Each stone has an answer. You have one chance.

Decision #3
Marker #3 Go up to the trail, and make your way to Facht (RHS) and a white metal pole (LHS). Stand between them.

Your Answer: Line your back to this white metal pole, facing west. Take 15 short Nancy Drew steps into the west (straight as possible) to the large volcanic rock in front of a manzanita bush. Between bush and rock, on western side, under rocks is your decision.

Amisi Answer: Stand in front of Facht, as if you were reading the Mile Post 406.6. (If you are tall enough, you can see the fallen log in distance.) Spy the pair of trees, just north east of sign. Keeping these pair to your left, walk as best you can in a straight line, 65 long legged Nancy Drew steps to the fallen log. (One side of fallen log is caught between two young trees). Spy the old stump 3 feet high, next to a manzanita bush, just east of this fallen log. In the heart of this stump lies Amisi Answer.

After pushing in the correct stone, the door to the chambers of the Tomb of Pharaoh Khufu opens up. Upon entering the Tomb of Pharaoh Khufu we came across two tombs. We both read the hieroglyphics carved about the tomb. “For the Pharaoh, choose wisely.”

Decision #4,
Marker #4, Continue to walk up the trail. (This is a little bit of walk.) On your left hand side, you see a pile of R & R ties with rusty cable cords and rusty iron bands. (This is the only pile on the left like this.)

Tomb on the Right: With your back to this pile, facing east, you will see a large grey volcanic rock. Go to it. From there, you will see a 3 feet high burnt tree stump. Go to that. From this stump, spy north-east, "rock islands" in a small group of trees. Go there. On the most eastern piles of these "rock island" is a pile of three rocks. Between two, at their base, buried, is your decision.

Tomb on the Left: Facing this very pile, walk straight towards the adult pine tree directly behind this pile. On opposite side, under two rocks, at the base, lies your decision.

Day 9: After Professor Ramese arrived with the Eygptian police, the culprit was apprehended and taken away. What an adventure!

Well super sleuths, off to my next mystery!

As you stamp your way through this mystery, you will obtain clues that will lead to the vile culprit.

So, who was the culprit? AQ mail me your answer!