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The Dead LbNA #42187

Owner:The Olde Oak
Plant date:Jul 27, 2008
Found by: fleetwood7 (2)
Last found:Sep 20, 2009
Last edited:Jul 27, 2008
Olompali State Park right on Hwy. 101 just north of Novato has a little something for everyone in terms of historical interest, cultural interest and flora and fauna. Archaeological evidence indicates this tract of land has been inhabited since 6000 B.C. by at least the Coastal Miwok, the Spanish and the Burdells who were given Olompali as a wedding present. Please visit their website to read more about this fascinating state park which figured in The Bear Flag Revolt and was designated California Landmark No. 210:

The last of the Burdells sold the elaborate mansion, formal gardens and land in 1942. There were numerous occupants including for awhile in 1966 The Grateful Dead. Two letterboxes celebrate The Dead.

To access Olompali State Park drive south on 101 approaching Novato. There is no northbound access. Enter, park and pay the $8 fee. Walk in and visit various old ruins and locate the Loop Trail. The Loop Trail is a bit over 3 miles. Just past the old dairy you will have two options for walking the Loop Trail. You will take the one on the left which immediately includes walking across a wooden bridge. If you come to the Miwok Village you have taken the wrong direction and should turn around.

#1 Dancing Dead

Once across the bridge you’ll walk up the trail until you come to a split in the path wherein you can go up and to the left on stairs or continue to the right. Go right and continue the gentle walk up. Just beyond where the fence ends on the right you will see an old stump about 10’ tall on your left and about 20’ off the trail. Go behind this stump and find the Dancing Dead Letterbox under some rocks.

#2 The Dead Slept Here

Continue up, up, up on the Loop Trail. Keep going past a fragile area and some switchbacks. Keep going greeting four sections of fence again and a bench on your left. Keep climbing, pass another bench. Don’t trip on the short metal pole on your right. Pass a switchback built with large timbers followed by more partial fencing---two sections, a break, four sections and another bench. Pass this bench walking about forty-eight steps up. To your left you’ll see a pretty manzanita tree. In the crotch of the tree camouflaged with rocks and litter will be The Dead Slept Here Letterbox.

From here you can return the way you came or continue on the Loop Trail. I think continuing may be a little shorter. In awhile you have the option of hiking the Burdell Mountain Trail to reach the top of Burdell Mountain, elevation 1558 feet.

Thanks for coming.