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Your Passport to MEMPHIS LbNA #41895

Plant date:Jul 18, 2008
Found by: ScienceGuySteve (11)
Last found:Dec 27, 2021
Last edited:Nov 27, 2015
This stamp series along with the passport was taken to several letterbox gatherings, before being placed at it's current (permanent) location on July 16, 2009.

This series has been "hidden" at the Tennessee State Welcome Center, which is located in downtown Memphis. Parking is free). Address is 119 N. Riverside Drive, Memphis, TN. Phone is (901) 543-5333. Just go to the main information desk at the Welcome Center and ask them for the "letterbox" or the "Passport to Memphis".

The series consists of 11 stamps and 1 logbook in a lock n lock container. There should also be an envelope with a stack of blank passports and a completed passport to use as a go-by. Make sure you get the lock n lock container and the folder of blank passports. When you are through, put the unused passports back in the envelope and hand it all back to the person at the information desk and they will put it back for the next letterboxer.

If you are planning to eat lunch downtown and like BBQ, then the Rendezvous is the place. You can walk to it (about half a mile) , or take the trolley around the Riverfront Loop to it. (Figure out how ahead of time). Don't be put off by the fact that the entrance is in an alley. You won't be disappointed inside. If you send me a message ahead of time, hubby and I will walk over and meet you there for lunch and for an exchange.