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Turning Twelve LbNA #41423

Owner:8 Bare Feet
Plant date:Jul 3, 2008
City:June Lake
Found by: KuchtaClan
Last found:Jul 7, 2010
Last edited:Jul 3, 2008
9-22-08 Update... the stamp has been replaced! Thanks Bokmal for helping us out!!

Hi Folks, this is Jocelyn from 8 Bare Feet. While staying here in June Lake on vacation this week we celebrated my 12th birthday. Now I would like you to join me in my celebration by finding my "Turning Twelve" letterbox. Please let me know you found it by recording your find on the web.

Here are the clues:

From the quaint town of June Lake find the June Mountain Ski area. Turn North and travel for 1.5 miles. Find the turn out on the East with a wooden post in its midst. Pull straight in towards yonder mountain and park under large pine (the big pine should be on your left). Walk approximately 45 '12 year old' steps to 'needle' tree. Line the 'needle' tree up with ancient pine and lodge way over yonder. Walk towards pine @ 2:00 for 15 steps. Admire view of June Lake under shade for a moment or two. Proceed at 215 degrees magnetic for 68 steps. Turn left and don't bump your head trying to find a fissure before a drop. Lay on your stomach. What you seek is at your elbow.

As always, please make sure you rehide box well so that it is not seen and mistaken for trash. Also take note that recording your finds on lets this planter know that their boxes are alive and well. Thanks and Happy Hunting!