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Stop To Smell The Roses LbNA #41287

Plant date:Jun 25, 2008
Found by: LaLaBirds
Last found:Apr 26, 2019
Last edited:Jun 25, 2008

A visit to Saugatuck must include a stroll down Butler St.
SW - get some yummy fudge
NW - beachwear a la Saturday Night circa 1976
NE - anything you may need PLUS a soda fountain
SE - Enter under the arbor, take a sniff along the way.
Enjoy the many varieties, all in bloom today.
Follow the paths around, also sculpture to be found
While facing The Cyclists perhaps your shoe is unbound?
After you've checked, turn all the way around,
gaze towards the back, what's hoped to be seen
is an unusually double trunked evergreen.

The new letterbox (9/18/11) is hidden in the ivy at the base. Hopefully easier to retrieve and replace.

As with all of the Saugatuck 'boxes - be discreet - high tourist traffic - walk away to stamp and replace casually!