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Nighttime Neon LbNA #41105

Plant date:Jun 22, 2008
Planted by:The Pink Ladies
Found by: girlguides
Last found:Feb 12, 2016
Last edited:Jun 22, 2008
Setting: Urban
Distance: Short
Hand-carved Stamps

I love the old neon signs around town and this letterbox adventure pays tribute to some mighty fine examples. I recommend searching for these at night when they are lit and the temps are cooler, but it’s up to you. Please keep in mind not all of these boxes are in the best (read safest) parts of town, so your admonition before proceeding is to beware of your general surroundings and be aware of who else might be around (drug dealers and prostitutes).

The Lucky Wishbone restaurant chain was founded in 1953. They have several locations in Tucson but the one on Swan just north of Broadway Blvd. is a showstopper with their original starburst style sign which is lit (and animated) at night. Head to the Walgreens parking lot on the Southeast corner of the intersection but stay in the parking lot along Swan Rd and head to the prescription pick up area of the lot. Look for a light pole that will put you in line with a cool business. Standing in parking lot and looking towards this cool business you will find a light pole. Lift up the base of the light pole to find the box.

***THIS BOX HAS BEEN STOLEN**** The DeAnza Drive-in opened in 1951 as the Cactus Drive-in. It was remodeled into a triple and renamed the DeAnza in 1976. In 1978, they added a fourth screen and in the late 1990s, it seemed certain that DeAnza would close and be demolished. Luckily, a buyer was found. However, in 2008, the luck has finally run out and it was announced that the drive-in will most likely be replaced with a retail complex. So your time is limited to get this stamp. Go now before it’s too late. Locate the purple marquee with the show listings. Stand next to the pole on the east end of the marquee and look up, under the sign. There is a hole in the metal. Reach up into the sign for the box.

** REPLANTED AT THIS NEW LOCATION *** Arizona Pest Control Company was founded in 1947 as the Arizona Chemical Co. It’s building at 1127 N. Rook Ave, just north of Speedway Blvd. boasts an enormous neon termite on the roof. This is the company that in 1998 freed 100 marked American cockroaches into the Tucson community with a $50,000 bounty on their heads as part of an advertising contest. Unfortunately there was no winner. Find the termite and across the street you’ll see parking for Casa Molina. Located the front door to Casa Molina which is on the Northside of the resaturant. From there you will walk to the second light pole in front of the door. At the base of the light pole there is a small metal box. Carefull lift up the box and you will find the letter box on the south side of the pole. Be super stealthy so you are not caught this is a busy restaurant.

The Flamingo Hotel opened in 1952 and was renovated in 1995. Its towering original neon sign is a Tucson landmark at 1300 N Stone Ave. And for all you movie buffs out there, they claim to have the largest museum in the Southwest of rare vintage western movie posters. Park in the Pima Community College Downtown Campus parking Lot 3 East. Park at he South esat end of hte lost - directly across the street from the gym. At the base of the light pole is a metal box. Lift up the box and you will find what you seek under the south side.

***THIS BOX HAS BEEN STOLEN**** The Tucson Inn on Drachman Street, just west of Stone, features this spectacular sign. Look for the 3rd palm tree south of Drachman St. on 10th Ave. There is a medium size oleander at the curb next to the palm. Beneath the large rock at the base of the oleander is the box. You can literally reach it from your car.

***THIS BOX (and its hiding place)HAVE DISAPPEARED***
The décor of the Fox Tucson Theatre is described as Southwestern Art Deco and is the only known example of this style. Designed as a dual vaudeville/movie house, it opened April 11, 1930 and closed in 1974 due to competition from other venues, drive-ins and television along with vanishing retail and housing downtown. Located at 17 W. Congress, the theatre was restored to its original glory and reopened on New Years Eve, 2005. Another bit of Tucson history you might find of interest is the theatre was the first commercial building in Tucson to use “air conditioning” in 1936. Prior to that it was “swamp cooled”. The original Fox “Flag” or “Blade” sign, removed in the mid-1980’s was re-created by Tucson sign company Fluoresco and was an integral part of the restoration and serves as a beacon to downtown. Be sure to check the theatre schedule in advance. You should catch a show because the inside is gorgeous. To find the box make your way to the box office. Look east along the sidewalk and you will see a stand of magazine racks. The letterbox has been magnetized. Locate the red metal TV y Mas rack and reach up inside to retrieve. There are a bunch of palm trees directly across the street surrounding a water feature with seating area. You can do your stamping there and enjoy this spot away from the street traffic.