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The Stolen Peach LbNA #40917

Plant date:Jun 1, 2008
Planted by:carsandgav
Found by: VBSP Bluegills
Last found:May 8, 2013
Last edited:Jun 1, 2008
These boxes are located in Saugatauk Dunes State Park. Bring a compass and ink with you. Boxes do not have ink or pens.

This series is based on my son's favorite video game- Super Mario Brothers. Enjoy!

Start your journey on the Beach Trail. Mario is in search of his love- Princess Peach- who has been stolen by the evil Bowser. Begin walking and pass through a gate. At the first fork in the path- choose to take the climb upward. Pass by a ridge with a drop off to the right. Could Peach be down there? Keep looking. At the fork with a #1- choose the path that goes down.
Pass a slanted tree on the right- Did Bowser do that? Pass a great woodpecker home on the left and a slight decline. On the right, there stands a dead tree about 15 ft high. Someone has left their love's mark. Could that be Peach? From this tree, take a compass reading of 280 degress and walk 20 steps. There you find a smooth barked tree. Walk North for 22 steps. At this tree go 330 degrees for 19 more steps. Look due North again to an excellent hiding spot in a downed tree. There you will find Mario.

Mario walks 200 degrees back to the path. Now he can find Peach at last. At the next yellow marker, Mario stays to the right. He notices some mountains to the left and right. He follows the path and walks up, up, up. At the top- he spots quite a view. At the #3 post- Mario decides to take a break at the Lake. When he is done- he goes 258 degrees from the #3 post and follows the sand path. He hugs the tall grass and digs through the sand. He takes a short trek through the woods to post #2. He goes left at this post and passes a great spot to take another break. At the next yellow post- he travels up a long incline. Another yellow post?- he decides to go towards the green gate. He travels under a tree bridge and watches out for the ridge to the right! At the next post (an unmarked one on the left)- he takes the path at 30 degrees. He travels about 70 steps to a large tree on the right. He can sense he is getting close! He goes 50 degrees for 20 steps. He looks North to find a fallen log. At last he finds his Princess Peach.
Time to return home. They continue on the path until they find a red/blue post. They take a right and they are on their way home.