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Strunwwelpeter, Phoebe Ann the Proud Girl LbNA #40221 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:May 26, 2008
Found by: fleetwood7 (2)
Last found:Nov 2, 2008
Last edited:May 26, 2008
Oh that Phoebe Ann... she WAS a very proud girl... to find out Phoebe's fate go to the port of Oakland and park at the Port View Park.
Clue: Pass the "room with a view," and the playground and go through the metal gates open from dawn till dusk. Walk all the way down to the end, (you will pass another letterbox, a bear that likes his photo taken #5) and walk out on the pier. Locate the stinking of fish sink in the center for this is where Phoebe Ann begins.
Box #1, Phoebe Ann the Proud Girl is under the right hand side of the sink, 3rd bolt in wedged between the sink and a hose. Enjoy the pome... ahh what an ironic place for poor Phoebe to hide under.
Box #2, Her neck began to STRETCH. Walk back the way you came and start counting light-posts. Behind the 6th light-post up against the concrete wall under leaves is box #2.
Box #3, I will not tell you the name here because it will spoil the poem but let's just say Phoebe is incapable of pride with what happens to her! To find box #3 keep walking back past light-posts 7 and 8. At the 9th post face it and then turn around towards the water. Walk through the trees to the rocks and bend down. Under the one small reddish rock surrounded by grey rocks is the final box.
Please note just down from this spot to the left is a whole slew of red rocks. Ignore those, the one you want is right at your feet, anyone can get it so don't ruin yourself trying to root around in those out reach rocks! I should write a Hoffmann inspired letterboxing poem about digging around in places the instructions if only read closely would instruct you to stay out of. :)