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Lite One Little Candle LbNA #40122

Plant date:May 24, 2008
Planted by:Rubaduc Contact Inactive
Found by: Ascutney
Last found:Apr 1, 2024
Last edited:May 24, 2008
One easy box in my favorite Vermont village. (Sorry Treasure Boxers, this was a spur of the moment plant after you had already left on your trip).

Exit 8 from I-91, go south (east?) on route 131, pass gas stations on both sides of the road and just before a center median appears, turn left onto Cemetery road.

Park along the edge of the road near the cemetery. Pass a gateway, pass a sign for Asutneyville Cemetery, pass another gateway and enter at the next opening (with Howe on the left). Walk along the tree lined road, going a bit downhill until you reach an evergreen (I've been told that this evergreen is missing) at the Sandberg memorial. Stand in back of the evergreen and walk straight into the woods to the second big tree. Look at the base.

Cover with natural debris.