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Pushing Up Daisies #45 LbNA #38934

Plant date:Apr 13, 2008
Found by: Nairon
Last found:Dec 9, 2023
Last edited:Apr 13, 2008
11/23/10 - box is alive and well and where it's supposed to be.

There are 5 old cemeteries in Harwinton and all are interesting to explore. Four are North, South, East and West. I’m not sure of the name of the fifth. This daisy is in the South Cemetery. From Rt 4, just east of the intersection with Rt 118, go south on South Rd. There is a cemetery on the corner. This is not South Cemetery. South Cemetery is down a ways on the right.

This cemetery is showing some wear. It’s pretty well maintained but the stones are pretty hard to read. Wander around until you find Submit B. Castle, Co K 2nd, Hvy Arty C.V., Died Sept 2 1865, AE 39. I wonder why he’s all by himself? When you find him, look for the tree at 225◦. Then take one step to the left and look between the rocks at ground level.

Please be careful of the wall. Also, please reseal all the bags so this doesn't get all wet again. Rehide well.