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USS Graceland LbNA #38789

Plant date:Apr 6, 2008
Planted by:LV Hiker62
Found by: TesoroVita
Last found:Apr 4, 2015
Last edited:Apr 6, 2008
Nelson is a ghost town with lotsa history. Portions of "3000 Miles from Graceland" were filmed there. (They blew up the gas station there). Take 95 south out of las Vegas towards Boulder City. Take the (95 turn off towards Searchlight. About 10 miles later, there will be a turn off to the south east. Sign says Nelson/Eldorado Canyon. Once off the highway, take the paved road approx 12.1 miles. Look to the right. Down in an old flash flood plain, there is a metal boat kinda imbedded in the rocks. Looks like an old flood washed it to down. It is in the rocks above a decomposing house. The boat is a large double ended boat, like the lifeboats on the queen mary. Look inside the boat.
Take time to go another mile to Nelson, its pretty intersting. There is a "boneyard" of Navy T28 trainer planes as well. Kinda surprised me seeing it so out of the way.