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Pushing Up Daisies #33 LbNA #38231

Owner:pawca Contact
Plant date:Mar 9, 2008
State:Rhode Island
Found by: Sagacorn
Last found:Mar 18, 2023
Last edited:Mar 9, 2008

Rhode Island has many, many historical cemeteries. Many are very small and may have been family plots. They can also be hard to find even with a map or other information. Scituate #22 is easily visible from the road. It is on Elmdale Rd. between Rt 6/101 and Danielson Pike. The historical cemetery site lists the location as: SC022 JEREMIAH & BENJAMIN ANGELL LOT SCITUATE ELMDALE RD ->15 ft. E of tel pole #6. (We did not check the telephone pole number.)

When you enter the cemetery, go to the NE corner. Head west along the wall to the big tree. Look under the rock.