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AZ Trail #10 LbNA #37832

Owner:Kristal & Ron Contact
Plant date:Feb 5, 2008
Found by: Squatchis
Last found:Feb 1, 2014
Last edited:Feb 5, 2008
Walk difficulty: moderately easy; it is on a rocky mountain desert trail with some up and down sections
Stamp hand-carved

This letterbox is placed along the Arizona Trail near Redington Pass in the Coronado National Forest a little northeast of Tucson. From Tucson take Grant or Wilmot Roads to Tanque Verde Road. Take Tanque Verde Road east to the end of the pavement (along the way the name of the road changes to Redington Road). Where the pavement ends, set your odometer to 0. From that point, continue up the dirt Redington Rd. for 9.7 miles to a dirt parking area on the right (parking area is a short distance past mile marker 12) and park there (just as you approach the parking area, Forest Rd. 37 takes off to the right).

Walk across Redington Rd. to the Arizona Trail entrance where there is a narrow Arizona Trail sign on a post. Head northwest on this trail. You will soon arrive at another trail sign that calls it the Bellota Trail #15. Continue up the trail until you arrive at a steel “bridge” over a fence. After crossing over the fence, continue up the trail for about 255 steps to a large dead tree on the right – it has a low prickly pear cactus cluster in front of it and a barrel cactus behind it. From that point continue up the trail for about 140 steps to a large dead mesquite tree directly on the right. It has several low clusters of prickly pear cactus spreading out in front of it and between the trail and the tree there is a large white rock jutting out with a small agave plant growing on its west edge. Standing on the trail side of this white rock, go at about 230 degrees (from mag. north) for about 62 steps UP SLOPE to a small dead mesquite tree. Go around its left side and up several steps behind it to a large white pointed rock jutting out to the right and with a flat face on its left. The box is under its east side and under some smaller rocks.

*** Thanks to AZRoadie and DesertFlower for finding this spot! ***