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Coyote Overlook LbNA #37810

Owner:The Olde Oak
Plant date:Feb 3, 2008
Found by: MO UR4Me
Last found:Oct 22, 2022
Last edited:Feb 3, 2008
After maintenance which had closed the walk over Coyote Dam for several months we are now back in business:

The Coyote Overlook Letterbox is found where one overlooks what was once Coyote Valley, but is now Lake Mendocino. There are several routes to Lake Mendocino, but to access the letterbox from Hwy. 101 take the Lake Mendocino exit several miles north of Ukiah. From the exit turn in the direction of Detroit and at the light turn left onto North State Street. At the next light turn right on to Lake Mendocino Drive. Continue on Lake Mendocino Drive until you see the South Boat Ramp sign and the small parking area to your right. If it’s full drive down to the larger parking lot down the hill. From the small parking area walk over and above the Lake. Walk on the dam continuing past the Major Structure on your left. Walk to and sit down on the first bench past the Structure on your left.

Sit and admire the lake (or what WAS the lake in this drought year).

Take out your compass and find 100 degrees. Walk 13 steps in that direction. Look down and see some large rocks just beyond the tips of your shoes. One of the large rocks is greener than the rest. Go around to its other side. Just to your right, between it and the next large gray rock and in a few inches will be several middle sized rocks. Under those will be the Coyote Overlook Letterbox.

Thanks for coming.