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Hollow Log Letterbox LbNA #37697

Owner:Crazy Catz Contact
Plant date:Nov 28, 2008
Found by: Mountain Beaches
Last found:Jul 25, 2012
Last edited:Nov 28, 2008
Message in the hollow log...

This letterbox lives on the west edge of town, in a park with vineyards, where trails abound;

Find the south lot and head up to the bench and trees,
Take the "middle" path north...the walk is a breeze;

You'll find a walk rock wall and a bulletin board structure,
You'll have to leave the path at this particular juncture;

Beyond is a tall, pointy hallowed-out stump, and near it, logs on the ground with humps;

Go to the westernmost tip of the logs and look, into the side that faces North, a hollowed out nook;

Under some rocks in the nook you will find,
a letterbox hiding of a "Crazy Cat" kind.

Happy Letterboxing, and be discreet!!

With peace and joy,

The Crazy Catz