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Town Line series & Tory Den LbNA #37633

Plant date:Jan 18, 2008
Found by: Nairon (4)
Last found:Dec 9, 2023
Last edited:Jan 18, 2008
Difficulty, fairly easy
Kid & pet friendly
Round trip 1.5 to 2 hours
Topographical map helpful but not necessary {I used CT walk west book}

These town line letter boxes are not exactly on target due to fear of being washed away, to far off the trail, or just no place to hide. We did the best we could using maps, compasses, and surveyors tapes. The first four boxes are fairly close to each other, so are the real town lines witch is why I made the boxes

Take RT 6 west in Bristol. Go past St Josephs Cemetery turn right on Hill St. turn left on Marsh road follow marsh road to the end. Turn right on East Plymouth road. About a mile up on the right is a small parking spot and a wooden gate. Go through the gate following the blue blaze w/white dot about 200 feet to the Tunxis mainline trail. Continue going strait. The Plymouth, Bristol town line is about 1700 feet from here. At the bottom of the hill is a small stream, over the stream the trail forks, in the fork is a pine tree with a good size rock behind it. In a crack in the rock is the first town line box. {Plymouth, Bristol} continue on the mainline trail, at the crest of the hill is a two sister tree about 24 feet off the trail on the left. 10 feet behind the tree there is two fallen trees, under these two trees is the second town line box {Bristol, Burlington} look down the hill from here towards the stream you will see a pine tree with a big rock next to it “101 feet from the trail” this is where these three towns come to meet, box # three. Back to the trail continue on shortly you will see on your left a small hill with two large rocks on top on the far northern side you should see a large birch tree [the kind people carve their name in] with a big rock at its trunk. This is box # 4 {Plymouth, Harwinton,& Burlington} again back to the trail, “OK OK, I won’t lead you off the trail again I promise!” continue on to Tory den after a little bit of a hike you will come to a second fork follow the trail to the left, blue blaze w/yellow dot. A short hike to the den. Facing the den with a small fire pit in front of you, look up to your left, see the mountain laurel growing out of the side of the rock? Up there hidden in a crack in the rock you will find the Tory Den letterbox #5
Hope you enjoyed your hike, Happy Hunting & we will see you on the trail

In the summer of 2008 there was a forest fire in these woods. the tory`s den box has gone missing, we don't know if it was in the fire or just miss placed, the den is still a nice place to visit and worth the hike! not sure at this time if the box will be replaced.