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Smelly Catt LbNA #37194

Owner:DS Contact Inactive
Plant date:Dec 23, 2007
Found by: DS
Last found:Dec 25, 2015
Last edited:Dec 25, 2015
Lots of changes in the park in 2015, so these are new directions as of Dec 2015

Enter Shelby Farms Park from Walnut Grove Dr. on to Farm Road. Follow Farm road, then turn left into the entrance between the small lake and the buffalo area. Follow this road, passing through the disc golf course until you reach the end of the road. Just before the end of the road, turn right at the stop sign. Pass the first tiny playground on the corner, then park overlooking the next smaller playground overlooking the small lake. Walk toward the playground by the lake. To the left of the playground is the entrance of a trail. Take this trail keeping the lake on your right. You will have to go around the elaborate "Go Ape" Ropes course and Zip lines. Continue further on the trail keeping the lake on your right, crossing over 3 more small low wood bridges. You will also pass through prop buildings and stages that are used during the haunted trail during Halloween. 40 steps past the end of the 3rd low wood bridge, the trail deadends into another trail. Don't go left or right. Look straight in the direction you were going you will see a huge fallen rotting tree. Walk 10 more steps to the back side of a moderate size tree to the left of the huge fallen rotting tree.

About 1 mile round trip.