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First aidCunningham Falls by We3Kings LbNA #36827

Plant date:Aug 19, 2007
Location: Cunningham Falls State Park
Planted by:we3kings Contact Inactive
Found by: Lucky BMR
Last found:Jun 11, 2024
Last edited:Aug 19, 2007
This letterbox is in the Cunningham Falls State Park. Use the entrance to the lake area. There is usually a charge for entering this section of the park.

Starting from the smaller parking lot for the falls, take the easier trail on the right. At the end of the first chain link fence you will need to go up the hill on your left. You should be able to see a large fallen tree up the hill. You will need to go over, under, around, or through that tree. A little to the left you'll see a tree growing on top of some large rocks. Go to it. With your back to the trail look to your right and you will see 2 large, somewhat flat, rocks with some little rocks piled in the middle. Our box will be under those smaller rocks.

We updated this box on Sept. 7, 2013 and added a new notepad. Water had gotten in the original box and soaked the old pad. This new box is water tight so close it up securely and be careful putting the rocks back on top. We left some extra ziplock baggies if you need them.