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99 Bottles: Leffe Blond Belgian Abbey Ale LbNA #36759

Owner:BrewHiker Contact
Plant date:Sep 29, 2007
Found by: 3 seekers & a donkey
Last found:Jul 25, 2011
Last edited:Sep 29, 2007
81 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,
81 Bottles of Beer...

Take one down, pass it around...

80 Bottles of Beer on the Wall!

The clues for this letterboxes were released at the Letterboxing PowWow III.

To find the box, follow the clues for "Whose Gold". Leffe Blond is about 20 feet from that box, behind the "pine with the rock formation behind it". Stand off-trail and roll the big top rock to the right -- but NOT all the way -- reach in, retrieve the box.