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Echo Rabbit LbNA #36609

Owner:Creeping Death
Plant date:Nov 11, 2007
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:VIENNA
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Mar 25, 2010
Last edited:May 9, 2016
08MAY16 New stamp and book

Echo Mountain - At the top of Lake Avenue, enter the cobble stone entry. Walk up the asphalt driveway to the trailhead. Follow the trail 2.7 miles up to the ruins of the Echo Mountain (White House) hotel. Once you are at the top, walk along the path towards the hotel's ruins, and you will see a very large steel cable wheel. Before reaching this wheel, there is a small clearing to your left with a 10 by 10 foot hole. Inside this hole is a large folded piece of rusted and perforated sheet metal.

The benches will be towards your back
The big plastic box is on the right side of the sheet metal
Slide out the brick
Do not remove the rocks holding up the sheet metal

The hike to the ruins takes approximately 2 hours roundtrip.
Purple ink pad preferred
Enjoy the view!