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Cupcake for sheeps LbNA #35470

Plant date:Sep 22, 2007
City:Las Vegas
Planted by:LV Hiker62
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Dec 21, 2020
Last edited:Sep 22, 2007
Take 95, North to Corn Creek
There's not too much traffic, any day of the week
You could go early or you could go late
Cause from the highway, it's only 9.8

Past the info kiosk, take Mormon Wells to the right
Beware! You'll not find it, if you go at night
When your "odo" reaches the 9.8 mark
Simply pull over and put it in park.
Up the hill on the right, there are rocks that are red
Up there you'll find it so C'mon! Go ahead!

This is only a few miles north of Vegas. Be sure to stop and spend some time at the visitor center, sign in and enjoy the desert. 4wd isnt needed but it is a dirt rd with some rocks. Take binos and maybe catch some desert bighorn glimpses.

UPDATE: Checked box on July 5th 2011, still intact. 1.2 miles past the gass peak turnoff.