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Ja She Creek LbNA #3544

Plant date:Dec 31, 1969
Planted by:The Paisley Orca Contact Inactive
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Last edited:Mar 18, 2023
Ahjumawi State Park, California

While camping in Northern California, the kayaking cousins, Amanda Briles and Lori Lott placed a letterbox at Ahjumawi State Park. The birdlife is delightful. White Pelicans were everywhere when we were paddling. Grebes and Osprey were also sighted. Tons of great dragonflies grace this place. Very large and diverse.

There is also a number of other insect life, which are not so pleasant. They say there are ticks, but we never saw any. Plenty of mosquitos, though. I was a walking smorgasborg for these feasting beasts and I probably have 30 or so mosquitos bites on me (I wish I were exaggerating, but I got really depressed and stopped counting after 17 on just one leg!) The one thing you should make sure you pack is bug repellent. PLENTY OF IT and spray it on every part of your body or they will get your where you're vulnerable. Sunblock is also a must This public service message is brought to you by the Paisley Orca, aka The Bitten One.


Placed by Amanda Briles and Lori Lott on June 23, 2001

Ahjumawi in the Pit River Indian language means "place where many waters come together".
Ja She means "place where the tules grow".

Ahjumawi State Park can only be accessed by boat and you must get a map so you can find the proper campground to paddle or motor to. California State Parks can probably send you one, or you may be able to pick one up at McArthur-Burney Falls State Park, which is not too far away from Ahjumawi.

Location: Ja She Creek Campground, Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park, McArthur, California, Shasta County. McArthur, California is located on Hwy 299 and is Southeast of Mt. Shasta.

Directions: Head North on Main Street for 3.7 miles. You will come to a parking lot/boat launch area. This is the Rat Farm boat launch where your journey begins.

Terrain: Approximately 3 miles on water and a very short hike to the letterbox.

Clues: EASY

Get out of your vehicle, put your boat in. When you get out into the big water area start heading left. Ja She is between 2-1/2 to 3 miles from Rat Farm boat launch on the other side of the water. Head for the farthest campground, which is Ja She Creek. It is in an inlet and is a popular fishing area. You may be able to tell which campground it is because it has a restroom and camping sign next to a very small concrete ramp. Definitely get a map. My instructions may not adequately get you there since it's on the water and not on a road.

Once you get to the concrete boat launch head straight on the trail until you get to a red rock strip over a rusty culvert. From the middle of this strip of volcanic rock go forward 25 steps and stop. Beneath and behind the large rock to your right is the Ja She Creek Letterbox.

Best regards,

Amanda Briles The Paisley Orca