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Pushing Up Daisies #8 LbNA #34892

Owner:pawca Contact
Plant date:Sep 5, 2007
Found by: narocks
Last found:Jun 12, 2024
Last edited:Oct 10, 2015
Oct '15 - Thanks to Calli K for all the maintenance.

This box is part of my historical cemetery series; although, it is a little far afield from the first 7. This one is in the Austin Cemetery, 1863, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2003.

Approaching Austin from the west, you will pass cemeteries on both sides of the road. This is shortly after the speed limit drops to 35. You want the one on the right side with the Calvary gate. You can park in the turn off just at the end of the cemetery and go in through the gate there.

From the east, go through Austin and look for the cemetery on the left shortly after Historic marker number 8.

Enter the cemetery through the gate at the eastern end. Walk west and look for the cowboy silhouette. Continue west to the neglected grave with a wood and chicken wire fence (next to broken Samuel). The box is on the back side of this fence next to the tree base under rocks. Please be sure to cover it up well so it's not seen from the other side of the fence.

Wander around the cemetery, it's a neat place.