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Bank Robbery? LbNA #34194

Plant date:Aug 7, 2006
Planted by:Foothill Forester
Found by: The Four Elements
Last found:Sep 6, 2012
Last edited:Aug 7, 2006
Degree of Difficulty – Easy.
Estimated Time – about 1 minute from Highway 49
Terrain – Very Flat

CLUES: From the town of Nevada City the site is located along Higway 49 North approximatley 26 miles towards the town of Downieville. Along the way (at about 21 miles) you will pass the turn off for the town of Camptonville. Continue past the Camptonville turnoff for another four miles until you see the sign on the right side of the road notifying you that are entering Sierra County. From this sign travel one more mile and you will find a large turn off on your right hand side. This is where you need to stop. At this turn off there is a small sign a couple of hundred feet from the highway.
From the information sign at the lookout point turn directly around. After turning around walk 12 paces (24 steps) until you come upon a 40" DBH (diameter at breast height) Pondrerosa Pine. You will find the box deeply buried near the back side of this tree under a small pile of rocks.

NOTE: If you have crossed the North Yuba River... you have gone too far.