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Birdhouses LbNA #3384

Owner:BluEyz Contact
Plant date:Mar 1, 2002
Location: Needham Town Forest
Planted by:chooch Contact
Found by: Riggs Raven
Last found: Jun 24, 2022
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Feb 3, 2020
Placed By: Jim Metcalf (Chooch), adopted by BluEyz on January 15th, 2020
Date Placed: 3/1/02
Located in: Needham Town Forest
Difficulty: Easy

A unique site created by Chooch that every age should appreciate.

DIRECTIONS: From Needham center go West on Rt. 135 (Great Plain Avenue) towards Wellesley. Cross RR tracks and take 2nd left on Linden St. at Post Office. Continue on Linden St. for 0.8 mi. until it intersects High Rock St. Robinwood Ave. is directly across the street.

Park at the end of Robinwood Avenue and follow a woods road to the right (West). Look for a small birdhouse on the right. If you come to a trail intersecting from the left, you have gone too far. Turn around and now look for that birdhouse on your left. This marks the start of a small footpath heading North. The path is marked by more birdhouses with orange roofs and these will eventually lead you to the letterbox site, which is approximately 0.16 miles from the start of the path. If you pass the train station, you have gone too far! The site itself also has a geocache.

To open the letterbox, locate the black pouch under the seat of one of the benches. It holds the key to your success. You can return the way you came or you can make a loop and extend the walk an additional 0.5 mi. To do this, continue past the site and turn left (Southwest) at the first intersection. Continue taking left turns until you come back to the birdhouse path, at which point you continue straight ahead to your parking spot.

There is also a geocache at this location. If you are a cacher you might want to find out how to open the locks on the geocache before setting out.