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Gunner Pool Series - Box #1 The Wishing Star LbNA #33448

Plant date:Jul 21, 2007
Planted by:Rowdy Raccoons
Found by: craftlover10101
Last found:Mar 27, 2016
Last edited:Jul 21, 2007
Locate the Gunner Pool Recreation Area at Fifty-Six, AR. Park on the left when you enter the part.

We did not experience a problem with ticks at this location when placing the box in July. This is a camp ground with a swimming hole.

Walk across the one lane bridge (back along gravel road you entered on) towards the Sylamore horse trail.

Follow the gravel road until you exit left onto North Sylamore Creek Trail. Notice the blue trail markers on the trees.

Follow the trail along the creek until it crosses the rocky road (see blue trail marker on tree to right of trail).

Continue up the trail. You will see a hiking trail marker on the left side of the trail. There will be a blue trail marker on a tree on the right side of the trail.

Continue to the rock steps. Look to the right while standing at the bottom of the steps at the big cedar tree on a flat rock.

Walk up the steps and go behind the cedar tree. There is a hole in the base of the tree with a flat rock over it. The box is behind the rock in the hole.