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Eyes Watching You LbNA #32607

Plant date:Jul 5, 2007
Planted by:Rubaduc
Found by: Team Rogue
Last found:Dec 8, 2023
Last edited:Jul 5, 2007
This was a bonus box for Don't Be Maad but when I tried to find it using the bonus clues, it eluded me so I'm posting it as a new box. The log book will have some boxers stamped in already, they were the very clever ones and they can log this box as a find but it's the same box in the same place.

From the Don't Be Madd box in Sunny Brook State Park continue on the blue trail going past the Testone Boulder. Come to a brook, cross, (still on blue) go left and you'll see red and blue trail markers. When the blue trail goes right (by itself), go left on red and when red splits, stay straight (left is a pond loop). At the end of this trail (there's a sign telling you it's the Beaver Pond Loop) go right on yellow and immediately take a left on white. Walk a bit and eight steps before the bridge, go left into the gully, look in the roots of a tree for the box.

After it's been well rehidden, stay on white to yellow, go left to blue and your car. Thanks for the visit.