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Castle Rock LbNA #3227

Plant date:Apr 15, 2003
City:Walnut Creek
County:Contra Costa
Planted by:Jaime
Found by: The Nerdy Slow Poke
Last found:Jul 27, 2009
Last edited:Apr 15, 2003
This is a difficult hike at the end. Please wear hiking boots or good grips of some sort. The difficlut part is short and worth it!

680 N. to Ygnacio Valley Rd. Turn Right off the exit.
Take YV rd. pretty far until Walnut Ave. Turn Right.
At the end, you'll make a Right on Oak Grove Road, which turns into Castle Rock Rd. Folle the road all the way to the end, and park at the entrance gate. (Parking is free.)

At the gate, take the path all the way through the park. This is a group park that hosts a lot of community barbecues and my 8th grade picnic. Take the Diablo Foothills Trail. Follow the main trail until you get to a "T". Bear left and keep going until you get to the creek crossing. You'll want to cross the creek on your Left, not straight ahead. Take the path upwards and to the right. When you get to "Cave Man Curry" you might want to rest, as this last bit is the difficult part. Continue going up and to the right of the cave. Go up and in between the two walls of rock, over the humpy one in the middle. Just after you get over the rock you'll see a small grassy knowle on your right that takes you to the edge of the cliff. You can stand there on a boulder and enjoy the view of the hillside. If you turn directly around, facing the main path again, to your right you'll see two small boulders. On the right of the boulders, and slightly in between the two you'll find what you're looking for! Good luck!

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