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First aidFairy Dreams LbNA #32056

Plant date:Jun 19, 2007
Planted by:Sparky Butterfly
Found by: Nairon
Last found:Dec 9, 2023
Last edited:Jun 19, 2007
Directions: from RT6 in Terryville turn onto North Main ST (this is the road that the high school is on) at the end of N. Main take a left onto RT72. follow 72 for .8 miles. go right onto Preston Rd. At the end of preston go left onto E. Plymouth Road. about a half a mile down on E. Plymouth you will see a wwooden gate on the right side of the road with parking immediately after. Bring the clues for my crazy cat as you will need to follw them to get to the fairy. You may want to also look for the marsh marigold on this trek.

Clues: after finding my crazy cat continue on the trail to an intersection. proceed straight on the blue trail. Pass an old foundation on the left, a large fallen on the right and a spikey fallen on the left. You will pass a gate that goes into some ones yard. Stay on the trail until you reach a stone wall on the edge of someone elses yard (the trail actually crosses through their yard but you stop at the wall) Go 5 step down the left wooded side of the wall and the fairy is dreaming of your arrival in the stone wall. It is not necessary to move any stones to find this box. please be discrete as this is on the edge of someones yard.