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Up A Creek at Thumb Butte LbNA #31977

Owner:Travelling Gnome515
Plant date:Jun 16, 2007
Found by: JoySong
Last found:Oct 7, 2021
Last edited:Jun 16, 2007
From the courthouse, take Gurley Street West, which turns into Thumb Butte Rd. until you reach the “Prescott National Forest Picnic Grounds, Thumb Butte.” Once you see this sign turn right into the parking lot and find a parking space. Be aware that there is a two dollar parking fee unless you have a national parks pass.

Next walk out the road you came in on (Thumb Butte Rd) until you reach the side of the road. Once at the side look to your right and you will see a green sign that says “Miller Creek.” Walk towards the sign and look across the road. You should see a trail sign that says “Trail 326” and you will see a trail going up in that direction. Cross the street and continue up the trail.

At a leisurely pace, it should take you about 2-3 minutes, you will see a manmade structure that look like ruins from an old wall to your right. Walk up to the ruins and put your back to it. Look up the hill and this is where our letterbox is hidden. You will see two trees that are parallel to each other. The one to the left has two large rocks to the right of its base. Walk across the trail and 15-20 paces (from the trail) up the hill until you reach that pile of stones. If you are more than half way up the hill, you have gone too far. Uncover the rocks to find what you seek.

Please hide again carefully. If you go after a rain or snow during the spring or fall, you might see the creek running. If any problems contact me through the site.

Happy Hunting!!!