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Benjamin Tarbox's Tree LbNA #31928

Plant date:Jun 16, 2007
Planted by:Hanz and Blix
Found by: quiltjoy
Last found:Jul 22, 2021
Last edited:Jun 16, 2007
Benjamin Tarbox’s Tree

Located at the West Burying Ground, also known as the Washington Street Cemetery (across the street from Indian Hill Cemetery) – Middletown, CT

From Washington Street, turn south onto High Street (towards Wesleyan) take a Right onto Wyllys Ave. (a one way street) and follow it around the curve. When you reach the end, take a left onto Washington Terrace (A one way street) and park in the last parking spot in front of the North side of the Cemetery.

Enter through the Iron gates (NOTE: the gates open INTO the cemetery) be sure to close them behind you.

This Cemetery (also known as the Wesleyan Cemetery) is home to some of the older stones in Middletown including Samuel Whittlesey Dana (1760-1830) who was not only the mayor of Middletown but also a state representative and a US senator. Also buried here are the graves of local African-Americans, including men who fought with the Connecticut 29th Regiment and other Civil War units.

From the gate go 30 steps ahead - you will reach the Attorney on your left.

30 steps South - past fallen John - lies small LUZERNE W. hiding under the shade of a tall pine tree.

Face West and walk 42 steps past “a pants icon” to the ASTON Chair. The whole family is buried here. Take a rest if you’d like before moving on.

From the ASTON’s walk south up the hill past the HARRIETS (I and II) to the stand of pines. The brownstones of the GREEN family await you here.

Standing at Marcy’s feet, walk forward 4 steps then turn to face South West.

35 steps will lead you to the BIRDSEY Diamonds.

Look to your Right to find CAPTAIN NATH’L LANE and his family.

From the Captain’s grave, face West and look for the CROOK’s Crown. Go to the crown and face South.

30 steps will bring you to Mrs. PLUM’s Heart

Take 13 steps South East to a wife with an unusual name – SUBMIT

From SUBMIT head South Southwest 45 steps to BENJAMIN TARBOX’s Tree. The namesake of this letterbox - It seems to have split him right down the middle!

Head East up the hill to a cedar with a split trunk. Here you will find what you seek. Make sure to re-hide the letterbox well.

While you are here why not look for a daisy that is planted nearby?