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First aidLast Place You'd See... LbNA #31092

Owner:Turtle Run Contact Platinum
Plant date:May 20, 2007
State:New York
Found by: Cat lovers trail (3)
Last found:Apr 1, 2024
Last edited:Mar 26, 2016
Level of Difficulty: Easy, but does have a semi-steep hill
Time: 1.2mile round-trip


The Last Place You’d See… was planted at the Deer Mountain Nature Trail in Ravena, NY. Take I-87 south to Exit 22 (Selkirk) and go through the tolls. At the stop sign take a right onto River Street/Rte. 144 and go .4 miles. Turn right onto Maple Ave./Rte. 396 and go 4.6 miles. Turn left onto Callanan/South Street/Rte. 101 and go .6miles. Turn right onto Jarvis Rd. and go 1 mile (follow the signs for the Deer Mountain Trail). Turn right onto Deer Mountain Village Rd. and go l .7 miles to the parking lot on the left.

**These are micro-boxes and you will need your own ink pad and a pen.


Check out the kiosk and locate the entrance to the East Trail.

On Land

Follow the East Trail up a set of stairs on a steep hill. Continue on the trail past the bench at the top of the hill. Once you locate the White Tailed Deer (E-4) sign go 13 paces farther. Turn left and walk 12 paces into the woods to a dead tree stump. Look in the crevasse for something unexpected!

In The Air

Get back on the trail and continue on. Shortly you will see a sign in the trail pointing to the right. Follow the sign and go down a set of stairs. Travel to the Soil Organisms (E-11) sign. Turn around and count 18 paces back. Look to your right to see a large dead stump. Look in the wall of the stump to find something odd!

In The Water

From here you can either finish the trail which is only about .2 more miles or you can head back to the beginning of the trail to find your last prize. Before you exit the trail look for the fallen rumble (appears to have been an old fountain which fall down the hill) on your right. Just after that you will see a large boulder in the middle of the trail. Go to the right of the boulder and follow that trail to the back side of the pond. At the end of the trail you will see two stone slabs, one of each side of the trail. Here, take a reading of 140 degrees to a triple trunked tree. Behind the tree covered by a flat rock you will find something you would never imagine!