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Fly Me To the Moon! LbNA #30405

Plant date:Mar 20, 2007
City:Pleasant Hill
County:Contra Costa
Planted by:Blackmagic
Found by: TURTLE 5
Last found:Feb 8, 2010
Last edited:Mar 20, 2007

Located off the Contra Costa Canal Regional Trail, in Pleasant Hill, CA.

The best way to access is where it intersects with Boyd Road, at this point go South.

Go up a slight incline on the path until you come to a bench that is next to a bulletin board, just off the path, on the left side.

From the path in front of the bench take a bearing of 10 degrees, which is almost directly North.

Take approx. 30 steps to a tree.

Go around to the Northeast side of this tree, and look under some leaves, sticks and rocks to locate the find. Be careful the branches are very difficult to get through and you do not want to get hurt! The grass may also be high just to get to the tree.

This is a very highly traveled path at times, so be careful when locating, and replacing letterbox.

This spot is an excellent for star and moon gazing at night, since you have a very clear view of the sky.

There is no inkpad in this letterbox.