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Close to Heaven LbNA #29860

Owner:Inigo Contact
Plant date:Not specified
Found by: Tivoli West
Last found:Jun 29, 2013
Last edited:Mar 17, 2023
My wife (Wisteria) and I spent a great week of vacation with her brother (Anteloper) and his wife (Craftee Painter). They introduced us to letterboxing and we managed to find a few. My wife was excited to start carving a stamp so before we left for home we visited Michaels in Carson City. She promptly began carving and her very first effort is out and about in the South Lake Tahoe area.

Small fire destroyed the original area. Letter box was destroyed. My wife (Wisteria) has carved a duplicate of the original and was placed today 7-20-2008 in a more fire resistant location.

From Hwy 50 take hwy 207 (Kingsbury Grade) to the Daggett Summit. Right turn at Tramway Drive to Quaking Aspen. At this point you will need to park your vehicle. Now look for a triple T telephone pole.
From the pole face west and proceed west 28 steps and then south 16 steps. From here you should be able to see three trees that line up in a tree-boulder-tree-boulder-tree order. the furtherest being the smallest tree. Take 62 steps along this line. in front of the last boulder and tree face SW or 220 on the compass and take 8 steps. The treasure you seek is at eye level to the right of the unusual markings on the granite (depressions that look like hyroglyphics). Located behind a rock the size of your fist. Please be descrete and no fires. Thanks