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The Rayborn Girls LbNA #29270

Owner:jb kokopelli
Plant date:Mar 11, 2007
Found by: Wag Time
Last found:Mar 11, 2007
Last edited:Mar 11, 2007
I replaced this box on May 29, 2012 in a new spot

This lb is a tribute to my mom and her sisters who grew up in Ellisville. In downtown Ellisville next to the courthouse at the intersection of Holly and Court Streets, is Carol’s Marketplace. This is my mom and her sisters’ favorite stop in Ellisville for boiled peanuts. If you have never tried them, then stop in and give them a taste, they are great. To get to the box, face the entrance and look to the left of the door for the handicapped parking sign. There are bushes in front of the sign. Walk behind the bushes to a ramp going up to the door. The lb is hanging in the bushes under the sign.