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Hanging at the Beach LbNA #28750

Plant date:Feb 7, 2007
County:Cayman Islands
Planted by:Crazyolis
Found by: Team Ginkgo
Last found:Dec 18, 2007
Last edited:Feb 7, 2007
There are definitely some fees associated with this box! You have to get yourself to Grand Cayman of the Cayman Islands.

Once there, to get to Smith's Cove you will need some type of transportation. Scooters are fun to zip around on or you can rent a car. You can walk, but its about 2 miles. I know 2 miles isn't a long walk for a lot of people, but on a really hot day with kids, it can be a long one. (at least it was for mine!)

Go though Georgetown going away from 7 mile beach. Approximately 2 miles out of Georgetown on the right is a small cove called Smith's Cove. You will pass a Don Fosters, The Sunset House and a Texico Jackson Point terminal.

Across the street from the cove is a gorgeous white mansion that looks slightly out of place there on the island. Its probably one of the biggest houses on the whole island. We weren't sure if it was someones home or going to be a hotel or bed and breakfast.

If there is no room in the small parking lot, you can park along the side of the street. As you enter the cove, you will see 2 "No Loud Music" signs. Right before the sign on the right is a tree forming an arch. Go under the arch and bear right. Pass to the right of the hollowed out fallen tree. (this would have been a great spot to hide a box right? But thats not where it is!) Go under another arch of branches, at the base of the several trunked tree on the right that formed the arch is what you are looking for. There are leaves covering it up.

This area is very populated, so be very discreet. Watch out for broken glass and other signs of partying. I would suggest going during the day as it seems to be a possible lovers lane type of place at night.