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Christopher Columbus LbNA #28688

Plant date:Feb 3, 2007
Found by: Waneta Wench
Last found:Apr 22, 2018
Last edited:Mar 13, 2016

Make your way to a park named for the famed explorer. The walk to the letterbox is less than a mile roundtrip. Be wary of sharp edges when retrieving the box.

With flags aloft and a crude map of the world at his side, Christopher Columbus set sail on a heading of 134ยบ. In his day, Queen Isabella of Spain wielded power far greater than that of his neighboring homeland, Italy.

Under her auspices, he followed the currents in a Southerly direction until his trusty spyglass revealed a narrow point of land, a rock at its tip. He could sail no further. Beneath that rock was hidden treasure, the bounty of the New World. He had succeeded in linking East with West...