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Preston Castle LbNA #28583 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jan 28, 2007
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found:Nov 13, 2009
Last edited:Jan 28, 2007
I only wish you could find this Little Spot I know on a dark and stormy night. Not so hidden in the small town of Ione is what can only be described as one scary place, Preston Castle, a former school for the rehabilitation of youthful offenders. But at first sight it seem as if you may be setting foot on the set of any horror movie you may have watched on late night TV in your youth. As impressive and over bearing as any place could hope to be, you almost feel hope drain from you as you walk up to it now gated off entry. If you take the time to contact the number on the link I have add to this page you may be able to arrange a tour of its grounds and even get inside.

The box is hidden along the fence line behind an out building that faces the main entrance to the Castle. As you follow the road up to the gate in front of the Castle you will find a building that may have been a guard post. To your right along the fence you will find a hand rail that leads around on a small path to the real front of the Castle and a small building. Under where the “waterfalls” along the wall, you will find my little box.

How do I get there? Take Highway 99 to 104 and go to the little town of Ione. As you come to the town you will find a large road side marker with a plaque with a little history of the Castle. This is as far as I will take you. If cant find the Castle from this vantage point you my friends are quite blind.

Box 2 of A Little Spot I Know