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I’m Not A Pig! LbNA #28016

Owner:Azroadie Contact
Plant date:Dec 29, 2006
City:Red Bluff
Found by: Kurious Jo
Last found:Mar 18, 2022
Last edited:Apr 12, 2016
Difficulty: trail and clues easy.
Walking time: about 10 minutes one way
Stamp hand-carved
Status: alive and well on March 20, 2016

I am a Javalina, also known as a Collard Peccary. I am not a pig, even though I may resemble one. My home is in the deserts of the Southwest. Funhog honored me by naming a letterbox she placed in southern Arizona “Happy Javalina”. So, I am returning the honor by visiting her porcine heaven!

From Box #10 (Scary likeness of Funhog on her Harley) in the “Hog Heaven Theme Park Series”, return to the gravel path and turn right and walk southwest on the path. You will pass a large Oak Tree on your right a short distance off the path. You will then pass a line of large boulders on the right a short distance off the path. You will then see on your right a short distance off the path a large Oak Tree with a wide dome shaped canopy with lots of boulders under it. Walk over to it. From the southwest side of the tree, go at about 302 degrees (from mag. north) for about 19 steps to the highest boulder sticking up near the end of that line of boulders. The box is under the south side of that boulder covered with some rocks and plant debris. Be alert for snakes.

Please be sure the contents are double ziplocked when you put them back in the box (i.e. the stamp is in a ziploc, the book is in a ziploc, and the two are in the larger ziploc bag), and put all of it INSIDE the box. Please rehide the box well under the rocks and covered with some plant debris so that it can not be seen from any direction.

I will not be able to check on this box, so please let me know if you find it and/or if it needs attention or is missing:

Please record your find at or at .