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Totem Bight LbNA #2794

Plant date:Sep 13, 2002
County:Ketchikan Gateway
Found by: wild child ak
Last found:Aug 9, 2014
Last edited:Sep 13, 2002
The first-ever letterbox was planted in Ketchikan, Alaska on September 13, 2002, at Totem Bight State Park. It was planted by mlg.
This box does not contain a pencil.

Because this box is an orphan, after you stamp in, could you please drop me a note about the box's condition at Thanks, and happy boxing!

Go to Totem Bight State Park.

From the car parking lot, take the trail to the clan house and the totems.

Take the left fork.

Before you reach the clan house, you will see a trash can, a bench, and an informational marker titled "clan house." Go off-trail into the woods at this point.

Walk toward a massive uprooted tree.

The box is hidden in a hole in the tree. The hole is on the end closest to the clan house. The box is covered with bark in the hole.

Once you have stamped in, please rehide it in the hole and recover with bark.