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First aid neededMary Edwards LbNA #27733

Owner:HappyHikingFamily Contact
Plant date:Dec 17, 2006
City:North Granby
Found by: HappyHikingFamily
Last found:May 25, 2023
Last edited:May 25, 2023
From the center of Granby, CT take Rt. 189 North approximately 4 miles to the yellow flashing light in North Granby (Note the Cossit Library and North Granby Post Office are at this intersection.) At this light turn left unto Mountain Road. Proceed approximately 2 miles up Mountain Road. Just past Donahue Road on the right there is a large open field with views of Springfield, MA and Mount Tom. This is part of the Granby Land Trust Mary Edwards' Preserve. Park on the right directly across from Silkey Road near the signed entrance to the Preserve.

Starting at the Trail head (Sign for Mary Edwards Mountain Property) Proceed to the information box and pick up a brochure. Proceed on the blue blazed trail. After about 100 yards you come out into a small field with a crabapple tree in the center. Follow the trail across the field and up a small rise to "Mary's Rock," a large glacial boulder. The view of the mountain in the north with 2 peaks is Mt. Tom near Holyoke, MA.

Past the rock there is a juncture with the yellow blazed trial. Turn left of the yellow blazed trail. About 10 yards up the yellow blazed trial there is a fork. Bear right and proceed down what appears to be an old logging trail. You will be hiking the single yellow blazed trail, going down hill, until you get to Ring Brook in approximately .5 mile. Halfway down to the brook a double yellow blazed trail comes in from the right. Do not turn, but rather stay straight on the single yellow blazed trail.

After another 10 minutes hike you will come to the stream. Where the trail comes to the stream you will see a foot bridge crossing to the other side. Do not cross the stream. Stay on the single yellow blazed trail walking along the brook. Start COUNTING YOUR STEPS.

Approximately 225-250 steps from the juncture with the foot bridge you get to a tree on the right hand side of the trail with two PAINTED yellow blazes, and two Granby Land Trust signs. (one each on opposite sides of the tree.)Standing on the trail with your right shoulder against the tree look up to the small stand of hemlocks on the other side of the stream. Lift your left arm directly out to your side and it should be pointing at a small stand of 3 closely situated trees.

Proceed to the three trees and you will note a flat rock between the second and third tree. The letter box is located around this rock. Explore and have fun. Make sure you put it back in the same place you found it. Enjoy this special spot in the woods courtesy of the Granby Land Trust.

Return the way you came or follow the map in the brochure to complete the yellow blazed trail loop.

If you want to do the Godard Preserve letterbox, return the way you came. When the double yellow trail comes in on your left, take it. Follow it until it intersects with the blue trail. Turn left, heading down hill and ultimately out on Donahue Road. Cross to the East side of Donahue Road and follow the Godard Preserve directions.