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Kirkland Frogs LbNA #27498

Owner:Kirkland Contact
Plant date:Sep 11, 2006
Found by: Kirkland
Last found:Aug 11, 2016
Last edited:Sep 11, 2006
GO to the Grover Hot Springs Trail Head - north west of the campgrounds.

START your adventure at the gate of the Trail Head.

GO down the main trail (left), about 370 steps, until you come to the fork in the road.

TURN around and look south east, about 130 degrees, towards the big rock and tree cluster (AKA: Rock Eaters).

GO across the field of trees, about 160 steps, and look for Marker #24.

LOOK south, about 180 degrees, towards the largest and tallest boulder.

KIRKLAND FROGS is on the north side of the boulder near a fallen tree.