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Town of Beaver Trail LbNA #27440

Plant date:Nov 26, 2006
Planted by:Stamper Bee
Found by: Chrivid
Last found:Dec 22, 2014
Last edited:Nov 26, 2006
I have not been able to check this box since the path was flooded. Please let me know if you find it intact!

Starting at the Town of Beaver Trailhead (on the northwest side of the yellow bridge) hike until the rock wall on your right ends. Take the path to your right. You will see a old large railroad tie on your left. Take 9-10 paces up the hill from the railroad tie. Look back over your right shoulder. You will see a good size cedar tree in front of a rock out cropping (about 15 paces up the hill). The box is hidden behind some rocks under this outcropping.
(Movie Trivia: At the very end of "Elizabethtown", Orlando Bloom is shown walking down this trail and crossing the yellow bridge. He is also shown by the Jesus statue in Eureka Springs and at the dinosaur themed drive thru park by Beaver Lake :))