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Mongoose on the Loose LbNA #25746

Owner:Baby Bear
Plant date:Sep 11, 2006
County:Alberta, CAN
State:Alberta, Canada
Found by: Obliterate Apron
Last found:Aug 6, 2009
Last edited:Sep 11, 2006
Difficulty: Easy
Distance to letterbox: 50 yards

Status of letterbox: Alive and Well on 8/28/2008

The "Mongoose on the loose" letterbox is located east of Jasper (about 40 miles) at Miette Hot Springs. This is the hottest of the Canadian Rocky hot springs at 104 degrees. Enjoy a soak in the pools, then find this box (outside the fee area).

From Japser, go east on Hwy 16. Look for signs for Miette Hot Springs, and turn right. Go a ways until you reach the springs and resort. park in the lot for the pools.

To the letterbox:
Go to the enterance for the Hot Spings pools. Walk around the circle driveway to the trail path going up the hill. Go up the path for 20 steps. Turn right and go across the grass to the large rock. Go to the back side, near the tree and look under the lip of the rock. You should find the box hidden behind some smaller rocks. Please re-cover it well. Thanks!