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weather or not LbNA #25430

Plant date:Sep 9, 2006
Found by: Scoot
Last found:Jul 5, 2012
Last edited:Sep 9, 2006
This letterbox is within easy walking distance of St. Michael's Cathedral in downtown Sitka.

Go to the burial site of the young wife of Alaska's last Russian Governor. Stand in front of her grave site, toes touching the border fence stones. Look directly to your left and site over the white sign posted there. You will see a set of six medium ash tree trunks growing from the same root system. Behind those is a decaying stump; at the back side of the stump, seek a cave in the roots, big enough for a human head to fit into comfortably...don't stick your head in it!! It is shaped like the dorsal fin of an orca whale. The tin silver letterbox is hidden under leaf camouflage to the inside right of this opening.

Congratulations, and please hide it well when you are done.