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Ainsworth Hot Springs LbNA #24981

Owner:Disney-Fan Contact
Plant date:Jul 29, 2006
City:Ainsworth Hot Springs
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: Disney-Fan
Last found:Mar 25, 2012
Last edited:Jul 29, 2006
Ainsworth Hot Springs was first discovered by native Indians. They came up Kootenay Lake in search of Kokanee salmon. In 1882 George Ainsworth, from Portland, Oregon, applied for a townsite. It was called Hot Springs Camp. Silver, lead and zinc were discovered in the area. In the 1920's a pool was built by the mining company. It was completed in the 1930's, during the depression. There were a succession of owners until the 1950's. Silver prices dropped and the mines were closed in the late 1950's. The property was purchased in 1962 by Sam and Belle Homen. When they retired in 1979, they sold it to their daughter Joyce and her husband Norm Mackier. The pools were renovated in 1983 and the hotel built in 1987.

1. Start at the hot springs.
2. Walk towards the Mermaid Lodge and Motel on the dirt
road next to the motel.
3. When you reach the road behind the motel, look west at
the hot springs water coming out of the hillside.
4. Walk over to the largest stream of water coming out of
the hill.
5. Follow the road north up the hill 29 steps.**
6. Look on your left for the box at eye level.**

** The hill has now washed away and on a visit I was fortunate enough to find my box floating in the small stream on the side of the road. So below is where is has now been moved.

5. Walk up the hill until you come to 2 stumps on the
right side of the road.
6. Just past them you will see a path going up the
7. Walk up the rock steps on the path.
8. At the top of the steps, continue walking 45-50 steps.
9. Spy a fallen tree trunk with the tree pointing down at
the path.
10. Under the roots, blocked by rocks, find your treasure.

Please rehide this box very carefully. This area gets a lot of snow in the winter. Make sure the lid is on tight.

Mariner Fan Spokane and Disney Fan